The danger of expensive and time-consuming collisions between the probe and the workpiece can be kept to a minimum by means of another auxiliary device: an angle setting device for probes. This makes it easier for measurement engineers to quickly and precisely align the styli to an accuracy of half a degree during the assembly of a stylus system. As a result, it not only prevents collisions but also reduces the downtimes of the coordinate measuring machines, because the stylus systems no longer have to be adjusted on the machine itself. Furthermore, the user can assemble more complex stylus systems and therefore measure more features per measurement operation - another step towards higher efficiency.

Even if only a few minutes can be saved individually, consideration of these tips adds up to a significant increase in profitability. As a result, investment in high-quality measuring equipment, particularly in suitable probes, quickly pays for itself. On the other hand, anyone who equips his racing car with cheap wooden wheels should not be surprised when he loses.


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