There are software options that directly affect the duration of your measuring process. These two examples show the savings which are possible:  
1. A probe scans a workpiece and arrives at a recess in the surface. The typical procedure at this point would be to move vertically upwards and over the gap to the next measurement feature on the other side of the gap. The "FlyScan" function from the VAST Performance software package from ZEISS allows the measuring stylus to save itself the detour "Move up, move on, move down". Instead it moves straight ahead over the gap and continues scanning on the other side without interruption. Nevertheless, the software evaluates the correct measuring points. Depending on the workpiece, this procedure can save up to 70 percent of the measurement time, for example in a tip circle measurement on a gear wheel.
2. The QuickChange software function enables the stylus changing procedure to be accelerated by 50 percent of the time. This is worthwhile in the case of complex workpieces requiring several stylus changes.  For example, if eight different stylus systems are used, the software enables the user to save two minutes.
However, the prerequisite for using software options of this kind is the use of an original adapter plate from ZEISS. This also has the advantage that the software identifies the stylus via a chip.
For instance, it also recognises the insertion of an incorrect stylus system and indicates this to the user. This provides important support, particularly if there is a choice of ten or twenty stylus systems, because a collision costs more than just measuring time.

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