ZEISS Sensor Cookbook

ZEISS Sensor Cookbook

ZEISS Sensor Cookbook

Produit n°: 600033-0200-805
With the new COOKBOOK "Qualifying ZEISS sensors" we enable an easy and fast calibration of sensors.


Specific recipes are described for the qualification of the various ZEISS sensors. These recipes show step by step the measurement of one and additional buttons as well as the setup and use of the button changing system. In this way, the user can quickly call up the qualification procedures and simply implement them.
In addition to the recipes, you will get a general overview of the process of measuring as well as the use of push button systems. The management of the probe data and recipes for probe correction and repeat measurement are also described.

Frequently used recipes additionally contain videos that demonstrate the sequence of the recipe. Thus the process can be better understood. The videos can be accessed via printed QR codes.

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